Hourly rate: 1500 pieces / hour
weight range: 60 to 180g, depending on equipment
Strand length: 320 to 600 mm, depending on equipment


BRS 1500-Standard:
3100 x 1102 x 1850 mm
Infeed height: 1640 mm
BRS 1500-3STG:
3100 x 1102 x 2050 mm
Infeed height: 1850 mm

Total weight

BRS 1500-Standard: ca. 950kg
BRS 1500-3STG: ca. 1100kg


electrical power supply: 400V-50Hz; 3,5kW;
pluggable with CEE-Connector
pneumatic supply: 6,5bar, 650NL/min, oil-free; 40µ-filtered
pluggable with ½"-quick connector