This is what our customers have to say about us and our pretzel twisting machine BRS-1500:

"20 million twisted pretzels speak for themselves. The machines operate perfectly and if there occurs any problem a service technician shows up the same day. Also with adaptions after years of production the high competence of the Frey company!" 

Winfried Hartwig, production supervisor Bäckerei Treiber

"From my perspective the best investion in the last years! It is just genius, how one worker "on the side" produces our pretzels, while earlier 6 people were occupied with this task! We remember especially the tireless dedication during the setup phase of the technician Mr. Dziallas, who tweaked the configuration until we got our required thin arms of the pretzel!"

Dirk Voß, Bäckerei Voß

"Space is a rare and precious resource. Especially for such difficult tasks it is important to work with experienced and flexible engineers. The company Frey develped a special solution for us with a foldable infeed conveyour to integrate the BRS-1500 optimally in our bakery."

Rolf Wiedmaier, Bäckerei Wiedmaier

"We have very high quality standards for our products and especially for our pretzels. After all we make 20% of our revenue with this. In the company Frey we found a competent and reliable partner, already for several years we work together successfully."

Albrecht Kauderer, Bäckerei Kauderer

"The diversity of the products, that I can produce with the BRS-1500 enthuses me each day. Besides of pretzels we produce all our coiled products like baguette buns, Croissants, pretzel sticks,a nd so on. The machine even coils and moulds the strands for my yeast braids." 

Eduard Hausmann, Bäckerei Hausmann 88284 Wolpertswende

"Especially for an organic bakery it is important, the machine adapts to the dough recipe and not the other way around! With the pretzel twister from Frey we were able to improve the quality of our pretzel products significantly."

Albrecht Gehr, Bäckerei Gehr

"After 10 years of production with the BRS-1500 I would buy the same machine again from Frey. The quality of the products and the service convinced me."

Marcus Staib, Bäckerei Staib

"For the production of our Aumüller pretzel I had my own visions, which were realized ideally by the specialists at Frey. The result is a robust and very reliable machine. I am very pleased with the whole system."

Franz Ehrntaller, Bäckerei Aumüller

"My claim: The Bosch pretzel is unique!

The machine supports us with the artisanal production of our Bosch pretzel with the special taste. The manual transfer from the outfeed enables us to give an individual shape to our pretzel.

For us it is important to have every product go through the hand of a baker!"

Friedemann Bosch, Bosch Bäckhäusle

"14 years ago I purchased one of the first machines and I still use it every day. Most of the problems that occur can be solved with the help of the phone support. Frey is a fair partner who offers real service to their clients."

Ulrich Schneider, Bäckerei Schneider, Mössingen

"Finally my pretzel is like I wanted it for a long time. On every day."

Bernhard Remmele, Bäckerei Luckscheiter

"After 6 years with the BRS-1500 we purchased a second machine and it was a good decision. We produce pretzels, martin's pretzel from yeast dough, baguette buns and all sticks and so on with the system. I get the best imagineable service and counseling and I feel well attended."

Marco Gillen,  Bäckerei Gillen

"Der Brezel-Schlinger liefert uns jeden Tag eine schön geformte Brezel nach unserem Geschmack. Die wahre Stärke der Firma Frey erkennt man jedoch beim Verhalten in Problemfällen. Wir bekommen immer schnell und zuverlässig Hilfe."

"The pretzel twister delivers us daily a well-shaped pretzel to our taste. The true strength of Frey becomes obvious in the treatment of problem issues. We get always quick and reliable help."

Leopold, bakery supervisor Bäckerei Nussbaumer

"Traditionally we produce all our products by ourselves. The pretzel twister from Frey helps us, without any cutbacks in quality. The operation of the machine can be done by an auxiliary, this leaves the baker with more time for other products. Since our bakery is in the heart of the city, space is limited. The BRS-1500 lets us use this few space perfectly."

Martin Meier, Bäckerei Meier

"We started the use of the pretzel twister with a lot of scepticism, but already after a couple of days we were amazed by the ease of handling and the results. The pretzels are not distinguishable neither in shape nor in taste from the manually twisted. Before up to 6 employees were occupied for several hours with the pretzel production. Since 2005 the same work is done by one person. We could not imagine a day without the machine. For us it has a similar value as the bread roll plant."

Gerhard Sailer, Bäckerei Sailer

"We have the highest demands for the quality of our products. For over ten years and about 14 million twisted pretzels the BRS-1500 helps us to fulfill these requirements each day. With the design, setup and service of the plant the experts of Frey always excellently."

Herrmann Schöllkopf, Schöllkopf Backwaren

"Already since 12 years I have a pretzel twister from Frey and it just runs and runs and runs. Meanwhile there was installed a second machine, which we are also very pleased with."

Thomas Schmid, Backhaus Schmid-Kuhn

"If I would have known earlier how profitable the machine is, even with my small quantities, I would have bought it way earlier. It is a fact that you can save 3 employees. I am very pleased with the quality of the pretzels as well as with the other products of the machine, like baguette rolls or kornspitz rolls. The service, especially from Uli Dziallas, is perfect. No matter when I call I always get help, even on weekends."

Dieter Sauter, Bäckerei Sauter