Frey Custom Solutions is a family owned and managed business employing a team of nine employees. Though our business originated in 1980, our main focus has been upon our pretzel machine since 1998 due to demand.


Mr. Karl-Heinz Frey founded the company as Frey’s Construction Office. The focus was upon the design of various large-scale projects for production line automation.


Support expanded to include customer installation, setup and training.


As business grew, our first employee was brought on board to increase our design and manufacturing capability.


Our first dedicated design/production facility was acquired. Our name was changed to Frey Custom Solutions to more appropriately describe our business.


Development of the first small series machine, a machine to lay bricks in building construction. This machine aided construction workers to lift heavy bricks in a healthy and efficient manner.


The first pretzel making machine was introduced to the market.


Due to the popularity of our pretzel making machine, we doubled our production space and equipment/tooling required to manufacture was modernized for efficiency.


Thanks to the feedback from our customers we introduced a shorter more flexible version of the pretzel making machine.


Today’s business consists of several products and services that focus on understanding our customer’s requirements, turning them into quality solutions to enable consistent quality production at reduced costs.