Flattening rollers

Engine driven flattening rollers

Gap: 5mm (0.2") to 25mm (1"), adjustable
Width: 100mm (4") to 250mm (10")
electric supply 400V - 50Hz; 0,12kW
Transport speed: 1m/min to 20m/min, stepless, pre-configured or with adjustable speed

undriven flattening rollers

Gap: 15mm (0.6") to 30mm (1.2"), adjustable
Width: 100mm (4") to 800mm (2ft 7.5")
Drive: round cord strap Ø 8mm (0.31")- Ø 12mm (0.46")
Transport speed: 1m/min to 10m/min adjustable

Special designs

Special designs: by your specification